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The zombie trend has been going on for a while now, and everyone has more or less put them on the back burner in terms of faddiness. (That’s a word right?) And you know that is EXACTLY what zombies what you to do! They are waiting for a time when everyone doesn’t take them seriously anymore and then they will strike. Why do you think movies like Bath Salts Zombies, Rockabilly Zombie Weekend, and World War Z keep getting made???

Those damn zombies have infiltrated the highest levels of Hollywood movie production.

Well Bunny killer is not taking the zombie threat lightly. He is practicing his zip-line technique to make sure is he ready when his rooftop escape is the only way out. Testing his lines over and over again, making sure nothing will go wrong when it really matters.

Don’t be lazy about the zombie threat. Buy those canned goods. Sharpen your machetes. And get your boltholes secured. They will be upon us soon(ish).

Grats Bunny Killer on this week’s Pic of the Week. Stay vigilant!

Be seeing you,

Photo by: Bunny killer



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