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E3 Shenanigans

The only thing that could make this photo better is some comic sans.

This year's E3 was a great time, and a few members of the crew were able to make it up for the festivities. There were obviously a lot of announcements, and a lot to look forward to for the coming year in games.

This photo is the most E3 thing that has ever existed.

Over the three days of the event Wargaming hosted us at their [Massive] booth for a 3 day long World of Tanks match. With the help of the ever-skilled Brolo, master of tanks and metal, we were able to bring great honor to our family by defeating the Wargaming crew two out of the three days. Though admittedly Brolo was probably tired afterward because carrying my tank is a difficult task.

Wargaming was nice enough to provide us with a visual representation of our victory.

One thing that seemed apparent is a lot of limited size multiplayer/ local multiplayer games were getting a lot of attention. The Smash collection is getting a new entry, which will hopefully bridge the gap for a lot of the more competitive players that weren't enamored with Brawl. Bringing back support for the GameCube controller seems like an obvious attempt to get that population back, not to mention reward everyone who kept their Gamecube gear in good shape.

This is right before all three of Kooz's opponents were not able to handle his glory and had their faces melted off like the end of Raiders.

As with a lot of things, now the announcements have been made and all that's left to us is play the waiting game. Hopefully all the final games end up delivering on initial hype. It can often be hard to tell how the final result is going to be from a Cinematic.

Evolve has been giving seriously good showings, so it's probably worth it's hype hopefully. Hypefully?

Did anything stand out to you from the E3 announcements? What are you looking forward to playing the most?

Surprisingly not the worst tanker,

[PS: Special thanks to Nooch, Kooz, and Hexagon for contributing their awesome E3 photos to the post!]