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New Giganto Mystery Bag!

Introducing the J!NX Mysterious Bag of Mystery Giganto Edition

Hey Minions,

I hope your week has been full of whatever you wanted it to be full of, whether that was fighting dragons, or just a week filled with decent cups of coffee. Never underestimate the value of a decent cup of coffee.


With the creation of the brand new Mysterious Bag of Mystery: Giganto Edition we're adding something different to the ongoing collection of Mystery Bags that we've got on the site! For years the mystery bag has been a way to roll the dice and see what mixed assortment of tees you get for a super-rad discount. What tees will they be? MYSTERY.

The Giganto Mystery Bag is EVEN MORE MYSTERIOUS THAN BEFORE. The only way to explain it is to tell you what it isn't: tees. Since we already had Mystery bags that would include nothing but tees, we decided that we were going to also offer a mystery bag for minions who (for whatever crazy reason) don't want tees! Maybe you don't need tees because you're a super-ripped barbarian who prefers to swing your double-edged battleaxe unfettered by torso coverings. Live your crazy life, we're just giving you options.

The Giganto Mystery Bag can contain any number of non-t-shirt objects, but what it is for sure is a great deal. Whatever the configuration of wondrous items there's going to be a minimum value of $90 in content. Since the Giganto bag price is $30, that's pretty awesome. The kind of things that could be inside are really varied because there's over possible 200 items it can contain, but you'll often see things like hoodies, hats, stickers, key chains, toys, posters, etc. I can't say for sure that there AREN'T gigantic Mecha-Dinosaurs, but it's improbable. Any game we sell products for will have the items we carry show up in some of the Giganto bags as well.

Coming Soon: Revenge of the Mystery Bag II: The Reworkining

While we were designing the Giganto bag, it was decided that we needed to show the other Mystery Bags some love too, so we're working on a new page that will go into more detail about the kinds of things currently circulating in the mystery-sphere, as well as explain better what exactly EPIC LOOT is. Here are a few things we're actually already doing in the Mystery bags:

Epic Loot- There's a small chance (roughly 1/100) that a Mystery Bag (Premium, Basic, or Women's Edition) will contain more than the standard 3 shirts. When someone gets lucky, we like to include things like a popular hoodie, piece of custom apparel, a vinyl toy, maybe a plush, among many other things. The sky is kind of the limit on this one. We're talking internally about starting to include other things we just think are awesome, so keep an eye on the site for when we launch the new Mysterious Page of Mystery.

Rare Drops- Sometimes when we're producing shirts (which we do from time to time) we end up with extra shirts from a run in varied sizes. A while back we realized it would be awesome to put these to the noble calling of being rare versions of classic J!NX designs. We'll sometimes print a run of shirts with a design on a unique color and slip them into the mystery bags.

Coming Soon- When we get the Mysterious Page of Mystery together, there's some fun stuff we want to start doing to keep the mystery bags at MAXIMUM MYSTERY. I keep saying we need to just occasionally include a sword, but that's what I suggest for pretty much everything.

SIDE NOTE FOR LADY MINIONS: You are not forgotten, we're getting it all set up to offer a Women's Giganto Mystery Bag as soon as we can, stay tuned for details. The plan is to have it ready when we launch the new Mysterious Page of Mystery.]


I have some mystery to go make.