Community Pic of the Week

I’m Doing My Part!

After serving multiple terms of service in the Terran Marines, Cryptic Games has finally retired. Being dealt a career ending injury during the assault on Korhal Palace, this former Raynor’s Raider is now turning his sights on helping the Terran Military in another way. Recruitment!

As the new poster child for the Terran Marines, he is doing his part to refill the ranks to help assure Terran victory in the future!

Keep doing great work Cryptic! Don’t let our boys down! And congrats on being this week’s Pic of the Week!!

Be seeing you,

Photo by: Cryptic Games

This week, an oldie, but a goodie. The match is MVP vs Idra. Not a big fan of the commentary from Artosis, but none the less, an amazing match. Enjoy!!



Pic of the Week

Long ago, in days of Yore, there was one called Skydog. With the power of his keyboard he bestowed the worthy few with their deserved praise! We carry on his legacy while he is busy sharpening up on his dragon-slaying and information tech dominance.