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New Tees: Behind the Designs II

Hey Minions!

There is nothing more exciting than a new round of our own J!NX designs. I know that sentiment is shared around the Stronghold, because we all have to wait anxiously until the launch day just like you so we can get the new tees. The time has come for the new J!NX designs, and this batch is awesome. That banner image is also great, they should hire that model way more.

If you recall the last time we launched new J!NX designs I posted a Behind the design" blog post, to show you how one of them was taken from concept to shirt. A lot of people told us how much they enjoyed it, so this time I made an effort to get even more cool stuff to show. So here it is: BEHIND THE DESIGN BLOG II: THE REVENGINING.

J!NX Valhalla shirt design.
Most designs take multiple iterations before we land on something we think works best.

The first design: Valhalla (natch.) is an homage to the part of J!NX that's all about looking into the frozen dawn from the prow of a ship while a shredding guitar solo floats in from who knows where. Whether you only roll Nord, or you're just afraid of barbers and have a penchant for raiding coastlines, you know what we're talking about.

I can't say for sure that this concept art from was 100% the visual inspiration for the final design, but there's more than a striking resemblance. You be the judge, but Battle Zach and McCoy really knocked it out of the park. I imagine we only did revisions for the fun of it because that one's print-ready. Also, look at this glorious mane and beard Battle Zach's been rocking despite the 90+ degree averages this summer in San Diego.

J!NX Battle Zach wearing the new Valhalla shirt

Eat more Pizza is a pretty straightforward idea. We eat a lot of Pizza here, but since you should always strive to do better we like to aspire to even more impressive heights of pizza consumption. The idea originally came up when we were brainstorming ideas for the launch, and FLASH brought in his sketch of a Pizza J!NX Skull.

Flash's concept art for the new J!NX eat more pizza design
Flash would like everyone to know that Rogen added that pizza slice, not him.

A bit later down the line our (ironically now clean-shaven) art director Mustachio made a little pixel-art doodle of a pizza slice with the text, and now it's a shirt you can buy and put over your pizza-loving torso.

The Wizard Evolution was a fully formed idea from the start, so there isn't any source art to show in this case. The only option is to just make some up, but since Battle Zach and McCoy aren't around I just can't. As we reach each new generation of game the gaps between them become less and less apparent because of diminishing returns so this shirt is a kind of homage to the days when each new console was leaps and bounds beyond it's predecessor. It also looks cool and has wizards on it, which are pretty solid reasons on their own.

Now it is time to run off for a weekend full of magical pizza pillaging. I'll be wearing all three tees while I'm doing it, hot weather be damned.