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Hey Minions,

I'm glad to report that the first year of PAX South turned out to be a great start for a new show. There's a lot of promise for the future of the newest PAX.

Despite a smaller general size, all the trappings you'd expect from a PAX were in attendence. There was copious space for all manner of tabletop play, as well as a well-outfitted hall for console free-play where one could check out any manner of console game your heart desires and wreak havoc upon unsuspecting players.

The major difference in the general makeup of South versus Prime or East was the dominant presence of indie pulishers and titles on the floor. PAX always does an amazing job of showcasing the non-AAA scene at each of their Cons, but at South they were not only in attendence but in the limelight.

San Antonio itself makes for an interesting location for the convention as the heart of the city is bisected by a river on which both of the banks they've constructed a walking avenue lined with resuraunts and shops called the "Riverwalk". If you were ever looking for a solid location to have some sort of canals of Venice meets Vampire the Masquerade style LARP throwdown without crossing the Atlantic, San Antonio has your back. Oh yeah, and they have the Alamo. How could I forget?

There were far too many great titles I had a chance to play to list them all right now, but I hear tell we'll be getting our hands on a lot of them at the Stronghold and I'll give you all a more detailed rundown once we have a chance to give them a thourough what-for.

Since the con itself is so new, it will be interesting to see which direction they chose to take it. There's a decent chance that more of the major studios may choose to start attending future years of South, turning it into a closer copy of the other two. The second possibility, which would be very interesting to see is a further development of South as the PAX Indie. If they intentionally allow the point of the convention to be the showcasing of Indie titles it could create a great outlet that would likely only grow in influence. Ideally they wouldn't host it on the same weekend as MAGFest again though...

To check out more photos from the event, you can see the whole gallery on the J!NX Facebook page.

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Until next time minions!



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