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Why settle for a World War, when you can have a Universal War?!?!?

Universal War One book 1 by Denis Bajram

When I walked into the comic shop last night, I was thoroughly disappointed. The delivery company, which will remain nameless but rhymes with NEW PEE ESS, misrouted a few boxes of new comics to LA, instead of down here to San Diego. So, I have to wait until tomorrow to get 7 of my new books. I was planning to review Captain America, which has been a pretty intriguing run since the titular character died a little over a year ago. BTW, I love it when I can use "titular" in context for obvious, albeit crude, reasons. I was curious to see how they would keep the title going with the main guy dead. They've managed to keep my interest and I was going to share that with the J!NX masses... but that book was one that didn't show up. That left me with a dilemma - should I wait until Friday to get the books, and then get the review up on Saturday, or should I settle for reviewing something else? Well, I was already late last week since books were delayed from Independence Day, so I didn't want to do that two weeks in a row. I looked at the list of other books I was picking up, and, while there are some good ones in that stack, there were none that I really wanted to review. So I looked on the shelves to see if there was anything else on there that I could maybe take a gander at, and I discovered Universal War One.

UW1 is part of the Soleil line that Marvel is publishing. Soleil is a publisher over in France, who, I guess, has been making some waves publishing some decent stuff across the pond. Marvel recently inked a deal with them to publish their material in English over here. I had originally been of the mindset that I wasn't going to getting any of these. This was mostly because of the $5.99 price tag on each issue. That's a lot. Even in days where it's looking like $3.99 will be the new standard. So the fact that some books were late, plus the fact that this was going to be a light week anyway (I normally get about 27-32 books a week; I was only going to get 22 this week), all worked in favor of me picking up this book.

That was a good decision.

I really like this book. I'm a fan of sci-fi stuff, naturally, being a geek not just in verisimilitude, but in veracity (English degree FTW!). I'm into Star Wars and Star Trek. I love the new BSG series, and am eager to start watching the Firefly DVDs i purchased about 18 months ago. Farscape was an awesome show, as can attest anyone who watched it. So if you're into this stuff, this should be right up your alley.

Does anyone know what a chock is? Because whatever that is, you can take one of those and fill it with some panels of huge fleets of spacecraft and this book is what you would have. I always love seeing shots like that, especially as they're about to go into battle. Think of the scenes where a bunch of X-Wings, Y-Wings, A-wings and such are about about to descend on the Death Stars or when a bunch of Vipers and Raptors are about to go head to head with Raiders and Heavy Raiders. There's some realy nice panels in this book that have shots like that. What I notice most is how they are just confined to panels. In American books, shots like would almost always be reserved for full splash pages to give a sense of their scope. What I realize when looking at the French depiction is that you don't have to do that to get the big-scale effect. If you're one of those bleeding hearts, you might argue that it's an effect of American over-indulgence. To that, I say shut up and enjoy both, as I do.

One of the opening scenes of the book is fairly cliche, in that an officer is instructed to exterminate some civilian refugees. She, of course, refuses on ethical grounds. It moves on from there, though, and we get a really cool story that I can't really tell you too much about without spoiling all of the really cool bits. You can trust me, though, when I say that you probably won't be disappointed if you pick up the book. But then that still may not stop you from coming back on here and flaming my review because everyone has huge e-peens when they're effectively anonymous.

Who should read this book:
People who like big space epic stories.
People who like to hear stories told from new perspectives.
People who don't work out but somehow are still fit.



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