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San Diego Comic Con 08

Comic Con has come and gone, leaving the entire San Diego landscape littered with discarded, home-brewed costume parts and Cheeto dust. Although our experience was indeed epic, only part of that epicitude derives from actual conference panels or talks. The remainder comes from the people we had the chance to meet in person.

We headed down Thursday to get our badges. In a frustratingly noobish manner, I neglected to buy them well in advance as any con-dweller worth his salt would do, and lo and behold, it sold out. Bitches. I never let that happen. I'm the guy that shows up 45 minutes early to a movie that's been out for two months, just to be safe. In any case, we ended up with "professional" (ooooh) passes we bough on CraigsList for $150 each (instead of the normal $70). FYI, that painful reaming does NOT include the use of lube. The good news is that we breezed past 2000 people (178 of them dressed as the new Joker, and 132 of them dressed as Poison Ivy) and got our badges with nary a fuss.

Once we had our 4-day passes, we met up with Felicia Day of The Guild. She totally hooked us up and gave us passes to the Dr Horrible panel. Why did this kind gesture rock our socks off our body and into 4th Avenue? Because it's normally a two hour wait to get into Ballroom 20 (the biggest room at Comic Con). Yup, skipped it. Friday we had a great lunch with some Blizzard friends and attempted to use cunning and guile to gleen secrets about Diablo 3. If we had learned any, I'd be rubbing it in right now. Alas, we did not. I also had a chance to say hi to the Penny Arcade guys, really just to fawn and paw at them from across a 4' table. They took my fanboying in full stride and signed a book for me. I hump it nightly.

I like to keep these posts short, so I'm gonna skip to another highlight: Friday night. After going to a live taping of The Totally Rad Show (which was, as expected, totally rad), it was time to drink beer. Our goal was to deceive our legs into thinking that they have not been walking and standing in crowded spaces all day. Good news, it worked! The TRS crew (Alex, Jeff, and Dan), Jessica Chobot (IGN), and Joshua Brentano (G4) were there in full regalia, talking to fans in a way that says "I'm not a dick. I talk to fans." Honestly, that is really cool, and that is why we support them in any way we can.

Comic Con is always fun. True, every year, I whine and QQ about it being oversold. Actually, a tangent here, in a previous post I said I loved opening night movie lines. New information: I do not like Comic Con lines. It's like, C'mon! I just wanna go into that room RIGHT there. As I was saying, I usually QQ about the crowds, but it's always worth it. If you didn't get to go, I'd just like to say, "It's a bird! It's a plane! It's me. At Comic Con. And you weren't. Na na."