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Two servings of Wolverine

Wolverine #67
Old Man Logan Part 2 by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven
- and -

Wolverine: Origins #27
Son of X Conclusion by Daniel Way and Stephen Segovia

This week, two Wolverine titles came out, and I couldn't decide which of them I wanted to share wit' y'allz. There's a lot of awesome stuff going on with Wolverine lately, so I decided to go with bringing you both books.

Most everyone can agree that Wolvie is one of, if not the most, badass of characters of all time. There's a lot of other guys who could contend for the title, what with the Punisher, Deathstroke, Hulk, (and certain other people such as owners of J!NX might argue for Moon Knight), all being pretty badass in their own right. But it would definitely be quite a battle with James Logan Wolverine Patch Weapon X Howlett in the mix.

A huge draw for the character over the years was always his sense of mystery, even to himself. For a long time, no one really knew his full history. Every once in a while, a new villain would pop up having another piece of the puzzle. They would fight, and Wolverine would end up with even more questions than before. We saw it happen with Sabretooth, Omega Red, Cyber, Malcolm Colcord, and even more than that. It was like watching a season of Lost, but then having it run for over 30 years. The formula worked for a long time, but then how long could it really go for?

Marvel editorial must have finally seen this, and decided to once and for all have all of Wolverine's memories restored. This was all done during the House of M event they had a few years back. Explaining that whole backstory is going to take much more time than I feel like spending. Suffice it to say, through a magical event, Wolverine now remembers everything that has ever happened to him. To explore all of this new information, and to give more of a background, Marvel started up the new book, Wolverine Origins. I was very skeptical about how this book would turn out, because it could effectively ruin a very strong character.

The title has introduced a new player that it makes sense should be out there somewhere - Daken. Daken is Wolverine's son. He obviously would have a son. Think about it - the guy's over 100 years old. He's been all over the world, and he's been with more than his fair share of women, many of which were either redheads or Japanese. He doesn't remember a lot of those trists. I'm sure there's more than one or two of you out there that experienced one night that you don't remember so clearly that ended up with offspring. Not judging or anything, just saying. This latest issue gives us some more background on Daken and why he's about as pissed off as his daddy. Since it's a Wolverine book, it is loaded with violence and bloodletting. All part of a balanced breakfast.

The second title, instead of exploring Wolverine's past, is all about his future. It takes place 50 years after some major battle where most of Earth's heroes fell. This is only the second issue of the story arc, so you should be able to find your local comic shop and pick up last month's issue along with this one. The creative team on this is Mark Millar and Steve McNiven, who shook up the entire Marvel Universe with their last project together: Civil War. I think, unlike that project, though, that this book won't be late. For Civil War, McNiven was taking like 6-7 weeks per issue. I think for this I read somewhere that he already had 3-4 issues in the can before the first one was released.

The most intriguing part is that Logan (he dropped the name, Wolverine) is now a major pacifist. The most extreme, bloodthirsty guy in all of comics is a treehugger. But we don't know why. Apparently something pretty horrendous happened to him that made him swear off of violence. I want to stick with the title to find out WTF that could possibly be. The dude has had every inch of his skinned burned off. Magneto once sucked the adamantium straight off of his bones. In one reality, Hulk ripped him in half, and he had to elbow crawl his way back to his legs. What could have been so bad that he won't even defend himself when being attacked? Maybe they killed his kitten (no shadowcat pun intended).

Who should read this book:
People who like to have mysteries solved eventually.
People who can handle the hyperviolence of Wolerine's life.
People who prefer to have their pie a la mode.