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Congasm Aftermath

With the embers of Comic Con still glowing faintly in the background, the J!NX crew forged onward into two more August gatherings: DEF CON and GenCon. The following diatribe details our exploits at what could conceivably be the two most concentrated vortexes in the galaxy of complicated gaming, technology, geek sweat and greasy food. Within hours of being at either con, every hotel trash container I encountered was full of empty pizza boxes (proof to the left).

Let's start with DEF CON, the biggest underground hacker convention in the world, held annually in Vegas [,baby]. We showed up rollin' 13 deep so as to make booth-life a little easier. This con focuses on everything from voiding warranties to finding exploits. One group of guys even managed to hijack all the outgoing traffic from the DEF CON network, pwning the entire con. Their success was rewarded with a standing ovation. Advice for this con: Don't get on their network unless you're protected and don't use the hotel ATMs.

GenCon caters to an entirely different crowd: grognards, d20 rollers and boardgame geeks. We didn't setup there, we were there simply to live that which is the J!NX lifestyle. Each day consisted of a True Dungeon run, a little D&D, and many board and/or card games. My only gripe about this con is that I'd love to compete in one of literally hundreds of competitions, but you're forfeiting almost an entire day to do it. It's a simple problem of not enough time. Even making every night a 5am gaming binge didn't sate my uncontrollable desire to roll dice and strategize.

We're back in San Diego now and our summer con extravaganza has come to a bittersweet end. Our next event we have scheduled is BlizzCon in October. For those of you lucky enough to score tix, we'll see you there!