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The Ambush

Some of you may be thinking to yourselves, ‘I thought this was Skydog’s Pic of the Week, so why has it has been two weeks since the last update.’ Well, I was on vacation all last week. I spent half of that week in Indianapolis at GenCon with Jinx, Brolo, Superfly and Windminstral. You can catch some of the details in Jinx’s Glog. I’ll just leave you with this one piece of advice. If it’s 1 am and you need more beer in order to sustain yourself while playing Race for the Galaxy all night long make sure not to have Superfly drive you to the liquor store.

On to this week’s winning J!NX Pix submission. For some reason I find myself at a loss for words. I’m sure everyone will agree that we have ourselves a powerful depiction of a female warrior. As you find yourself lured in by this temptress you will soon experience the pain of a crushing ambush if you draw near. Maybe I should just let the picture speak for itself. Grats to Kaybi, the new proud owner of 100 J!NX Gold and EXP.


Photo by: Kaybi



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