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J!NX Fall Line '08

We've kept you all on ice. And now, the veil has dropped, revealing a hamslice of things to talk about. We released fifteen new things to wear that state plainly that you're down with J!NX. We also changed up the homepage and added some embellishment to the whole site. Finally, we are officially moving forward with what has become our mantra, "Get Into It."

The most tangible aspect of this, a most happy Friday, is the launch of our J!NX Fall '08 line. It comes rife with eleven shirts, one of which is a polo, that scream J!NX with reckless abandon. It has been a bitch keepin' this to ourselves, we've been wearing these shirts for a couple weeks now. Now it's time to share. We've also released four pairs of sox that are specially designed NOT to be roxor'd off. Keep in mind, most of this stuff is limited release.

Our new mantra, "Get Into It.", deserves some description. The phrase came about when we realized that we say it about everything we do. You play that game? Yeah, I get into it. You mod your Xbox? Yeah, I get into mod'ing. You bang out code? Yeah, I get into Actionscript. J!NX is all about having a passion for what you're doing, and really sinking your teeth in. In other words, gamers, coders, audiophiles, trekkies, roleplayers, or whatever the hell you're doing, just make sure you Get Into It.

While our website changes may seem minor (homepage, sidebar graphix, etc), we're literally always reevaluating our site, looking for ways to improve. Is the site easy to navigate? Is it clear what we do and what we stand for? Is it perty? You'll continue to see changes like this on a regular basis.

So, that's it. It's fun having a secret, but it's more fun to tell. Hope you all like what we've been working on for the last few months!