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Tweakfest, um, Festival

Winner Announced: Meat Shield

Weilding the tantalizing Staff of Sirloin, and protected by the delicious Bulwark of Beefsteak, the Mighty AlfaBreeze has once again stood fast against the onslaught of talented foes and steak'd (teehee) his claim as the Lord High Tweakfather. Come check out all the awesome submissions, and see how yours faired.

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Voting Open on Space Outlaw

Vote on all of the Tweakfest submissions and earn 50 J!NX EXP!

All of the airlocks have been loosened, and the vacuum has sucked the best submissions out of the loyal J!NX minionfolk. Luckily, we were nearby and able to recover the drifting treasures. Now get over there and vote for your favorites!

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Accepting Submissions: Asmodeus Rockfest

Pull out your earplugs and squeeze into your favorite acid wash jeans, because it's time to rock. The Acolytes of Asmodeus have taken the stage (amid a barrage of pyrotechnics), and it's your job to cement their performance in the history books. Tweak a picture of your favorite J!NX rocker (in his or her favorite D&D shirt) to show us how hard they rock down on the ninth layer of hell. Just be sure to keep the Rock Me Asmodeus T-Shirt clearly visible. Winner gets 10,000 J!NX Gold and the most metal prize ever. Show me them horns!

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