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Jessica Chobot J!NX Statue

You've probably seen Jessica Chobot around the J!NX website in our women's clothing. We've known her for awhile, and as anyone that knows her will tell you, she's not just another pretty face masquerading as a "real gamer" in order to win over a world of salivating, male gamers. She IS the real deal, a bona fide addict that gets into this stuff. It is this authenticity that makes her a great reporter, and what remains at the core of our desire to link J!NX to the things that she does. Ok, and she's real perty like, too. If you've ever read her blog, you'd also know she is unapologetic and often says things that even we would think twice about writing. Now that's our kind of girl!

With the introductions taken care of, we're proud to present the Limited Edition Jessica Chobot J!NX statue! Designed by Symbiote Studios, masters of all things Polystone, she comes to you with the magnificent J!NX logo emblazoned upon her breast. It's 10 inches tall, it's only $50, and they are only making 250 of these things! Get one here.