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Jinx Pix Month End Freedom Festival

The last day of September is quickly approaching which can only mean one thing, the J!NX Pix Month End Freedom Festival. With a graceful swan dive I leap from high atop J!NX headquarters into the myriad of pic submissions only to surface with this months finest photos. Week after week I wade through the trenches throwing those amazing pics over my shoulder and hauling them out of the muck to be placed on display. For I am Skydog, Lord High Optimaster, bask in my awesome power. RAWR!

The Infidelity Award goes to Kaybi, who is not a stranger to the winners circle. You know what I always say, ‘If you're going to cheat on your significant other and get caught, don’t forget to wear your J!NX clothing.’ Also, who can blame her? Resisting the charms of the J!NX skull complete with skeletal body is simply futile.

intimidating grue was able to capture an elusive Master Chief in action. When Master Chief isn’t out destroying Covenant forces he likes to spend time perusing J!NX Pix and adding his favorite items to his wishlist. Oracle tells us that whenever there is a problem with one of his orders he has Cortana call in for him, which is pretty damn cool.

Last week’s Pic of the Week was selected by a robot. This week a robot takes home the Android award. Maybe you feel a little uncomfortable with robots taking over the world. I have warmed up to the idea. I encourage the rest of you to take a page out of The Unknown’s book and succumb.

Taking home the Most J!NX Skulls in a Single Photo trophy is Jin. See if you can count them all. You might find it easier to write them all down on a piece of paper so you can keep track.

Lastly, the WTF Noob award goes to Jason. I love this pic. L2focus you nub. This is too funny. The shot is so blurry that you can’t read all the print so it looks like he’s wearing a shirt that just says… Well, you get the picture.

I hope you enjoyed the Month End Freedom Festival as much as I have. All award winners will take home their usual 100 J!NX Gold and EXP. I’ll be back in October. See you all then.




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Long ago, in days of Yore, there was one called Skydog. With the power of his keyboard he bestowed the worthy few with their deserved praise! We carry on his legacy while he is busy sharpening up on his dragon-slaying and information tech dominance.