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Talesworth Arena: Death Watch

** UPDATE: Talesworth Arena was chosen as the Featured Game on Kongregate. Woohoo!

Borador and I (Jinx) are proud to announce Talesworth Arena: Death Watch is finally done. I posted here back in March about a very early uber-beta alpha early version we put out there to get some feedback, but the big kahuna has landed. We've been dedicating our free time to it for quite a while, so it feels good to finish. I should point out that this isn't an official "J!NX game", we didn't make this on company time. We just happen to be part of the J!NX crew.

I consider it a mix of an RPG and a puzzle-oriented action game, with a unique real-time combat system. You have to use yer brain when you're playing (on Normal difficulty). The final version has three playable classes, ten levels of combat, 200 Artifacts, quests, and a skill upgrade system. We hope you enjoy it!



-Jinx & Borador