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BlizzCon Wrap-up

This is Nooch filling in for Jinx to bring you the BlizzCon 2008 recap. Our esteemed figurehead has been otherwise preoccupied welcoming his beautiful new daughter into the world! River Paige Gailey (that's right - RPG) was born on Sunday 10/12, at 12:12am. So, he had to miss out on the big show last weekend, and is still teaching her how to get past the third boss on Talesworth Arena right now. In his absence, I have hijacked his glog to bring you the adventures of J!NX @ BlizzCon 2008!

I'm gonna start off with name-dropping. Felicia Day came by the booth with some of the cast and crew from The Guild and hung out for a bit.

Now, I didn't see this for myself, but I was notified that Sam Raimi and his son came by for a while and purchased some swag from our store before checking out our awesome arena game. This info. was verified from two independent sources, one of which was our very own Lunchbox, who left the dregs of Hollywood to join our crew. If it was the real Sam Raimi, he would know.

In addition to those two, about 6000 other people came by the J!NX booth at one point or another to either snag some gear, or play the game. At one point, we had an estimated 650 people in our line. To give you an idea, there were about 26K attendees to the show, in halls A, B, and C of the Anaheim Convention Center. Our line extended from one end of Hall B all the way to the edge of hall C, then wrapped back into Hall B. I axed people how long they were in line, and some said two and a half hours! Apparently, they were okay with that, as it seemed to move quickly enough.

It's no secret by this point that a major draw to the booth was our plush talking Murlocs. Mike Fahey was tickled enough by their grotesque cuteness and by the pwnitude of our arena game that he put two articles up on

A definite high point for me was getting to try out Diablo III. Four of us played from the J!NX crew at one time which was cool, because you can do a 4-man multiplayer. Somehow, Windminstral didn't figure out how to join our game correctly, so we settled for a 3-man. I played as the Witch Doctor, with a Barbarian and a Wizard. I know in the initial promo videos, they emphasized how they really wanted to concentrate on the combat aspect of the game. That totally comes across, as I spent most of my demo time decimating skeletons. I really want this game to come out this year, but that might mean I have to spend 12 hours of the day playing this, and the other 12 playing WotLK.

I have to give mad props to some of the fans we saw out there decked out in their cosplay outfits. Some of those had to take hundreds of hours to make. The only thing that I ever spend that much time on is sitting on my butt. If I had that much commitment to it, I think I might try building a scale model of Orgrimmar.

There was obviously quite a strong presence from various press outlets. You can see Queue here with Hailey "H-Bomb" Bright doing an interview for Championship Gaming Series. This was one of many interviews that he conducted, including a few that aired on the DirecTV broadcast. If you happened to TiVo it, feel free to manipulate the vid so that Queue is wearing a dress. It shouldn't be that hard, as he usually wears dresses under his clothes.

Level 80 ETC played a show late Saturday Night, for which this guy on the right is the frontman. They rocked the house, which I thought might be tough to do if all of your songs are based on WoW. I have to bow down to the Superman belt buckle. Those who have read my column know that Big Blue is my all-time guy, so anyone sporting that gear is okay in my (comic) book.

Bromance is beautiful, folks, and BlizzCon brings bros together. Overall, it was an intense couple of days. We want to thank everyone who stopped by the booth, and hope to see everyone else at the next one!