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Transformers and Murder!

This Flash app over at JibJab has to be the best thing I've seen on the interwebs for at least a month. Hopefully they'll keep adding new movie options as time goes on. I officially give a huge hat tip to the geniuses behind this extremely polished idea. Here's a horror movie trailer starring Jinx, Queue, Windminstral, Giant, Skydog, and Nooch. I still lmao when I watch it.

On a completely unrelated topic, I scored all my old Transformers from my parents' abode. After the initial surge of nostalgia faded from my teary, gleaming face, I began to speculate on how much the quality of the actual transforming has plummeted. Take, for example, this mutant Transformer pictured below to the right of Rumble. This is really an actual Transformer. It starts as a tractor/bulldozer thing and transforms into some form of mutated, half-transformed abomination. This is the kind of unfinished, robot horror that the scientists keep locked away in a dark room. Look at his ridiculous arms and the window lid that completely obstructs his left peripheral vision. Who signed off on this steaming pile of crap? And what possessed someone in this office (Brolo) to buy it!?