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Tree of Life

OMG it’s a drood in a tree. The previous line contains a rhyme which caused this reaction in my brain to occur. Suddenly and quite unconsciously my mind meandered down this road and proceeded to formulate the next few phrases of a limerick. Don’t worry; I quickly squashed those neural pathways. For the sake of anyone that might be reading I will also refrain from including the remainder of that poem.

As far as the winning pic by basilyacht, job well done. It’s an interesting perspective with a nice use of light. And, he’s in a tree. And, he’s a druid getting in touch with nature’s essence. And, he’s letting life flow through his body. So, for all of the reason’s listed above I am going to give him a 100 J!NX Gold and EXP role-playing bonus. Have a good one.


Photo by: basilyacht



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