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So It Begins

Since Wrath of the Lich King was released, we must have doubled our coffee intake at the J!NX Fortress. We are unable to go more than a half hour without feeling the cold touch of Wrath's grip. The lovely WoW icons have magically appeared on our machines and we are spending an adequate amount of "research and development" around the office.

A number of our leet crew have recently hit 80, and gave birth to a new force of pooning for the dainty Lich King. With bleary eyes and sleep deprived minds we are proud to announce the Official J!NX Raid Team. Our goal is to conquer all end game content, and have a fantastic time doing it!

We are currently looking to fill spots on our 25man raid team. Our group is made up of mature adults who enjoy a competitive raid environment. We are looking for players who know how to have a good time during raids, and are able to demonstrate a solid understanding of their class.

Attitude is the most important attribute of any team member. We are not looking for the jerk who is too cool for everyone because he had glaives and a white drake, however if you have never raided before, this is probably not the best fit for you.

Our raid schedule will entail two nights of mandatory progression raids, and a healthy amount of free time. We will host unofficial raid and PvP events that are optional, but our focus as a team will be 25man raid progression. We expect our raiders to show up on time for raids, do the necessary prep work to optimize performance, and maintain an open attitude towards instruction.

Progression raids will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 8pm-12am PST . We play Horde on Runetotem (10pm-2am server time).

If you think you have what it takes to hang with our team, we encourage you to fill out an application. We will be planning our first official raid on Tuesday, December 2nd so submit an app quickly if you would like to get in on it. Please submit your application here.

We are excited to put the raid back together, and really getting into Wrath of the Lich King. Stay tuned for updates and embellished tails of our progress along the way.


J!NX Raid Team Application



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