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with... A Herring!

How many times have you strolled outside for a calming trek through the woods only to be stopped in your tracks and sent on a quest for random foliage by a knight? There was an ancient time in a far away place when it was safe to go outdoors. Safe to travel without fear that failing your quest would end in the high pitched shriek of these dreaded horse backed warriors. These times are merely fleeting memories, legends, stories that grandparents sing to their grandchildren. There is a dark cloud which has descended upon this land, for it is the age of the Knights who say Ni.

Lord Zack Felix has been assimilated. He is quite literally getting into it. Do you dare defy this mighty knight? Few, if any, have tried and lived to tell the tale. My friends, you now understand your quest bequeathed upon you by Lord Zack. Return with a shrubbery and report your findings in the journal below or suffer the consequences.


Photo by: Zack Felix
Zack Felix



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