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Winter Line, Monsters, and sum Randomz

J!NX Winter Line

Wake the kids and phone the neighbors, the J!NX Winter line is out! We poured ourselves into this one, crafting clothing so epic that it feels necessary for you to consume it. The power of J!NX compels you! We hope you like it. Work has already begun on the Spring and Summer lines. Look forward to even more color and a broad spectrum of art.

We're under Attack!

This behemoth found it's way into the Fortress a couple weeks back and was crawling around in the Great Hall. When we happened upon it, three people were already entirely cocooned and hanging from the ceiling. Fortunately, we assembled a party of brave adventurers and bested the monster with a surprisingly low loss of HP, releasing him back into the wild. In case you're curious, it's a California Trapdoor Spider. I think I pee'd a little when I saw it.

Randomz off teh Interwebz

This product, discovered and photographed by Moustachio last week, needs no explanation. Hopefully you're reading this right after lunch to get the full effects of the notion. Out of all the things that sound gross when mixed with Mayonnaise, I believe "hair" holds on to the #1 spot.
In addition, we were introduced to this amazing video of a chic with a fake moustache who knows how to rock power ballads. Finally, Tron gave me this link as I am writing this. Enjoy!

J!NX Guild

Having an official J!NX Guild has been a long time coming, and now that our staff has grown a bit from 2 people, it's completely viable. Although it's currently focused on WoW, the idea is that it will span across all multiplayer games we're playing. If you're interested in joining us for some WoW raiding, go here.