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Felicia Day, VGAs and Web Shows

Felicia Day Shoot - Behind the Scenes

Once we started our "Get Into It" campaign, we had to figure out how to get it out there. Then it dawned on us: What if we just talk our friends into helping? Yeah, that worked out actually. Check out the video below and watch as The Guild creator, Felicia Day, strikes a pose (or several). Thanx Felicia, you rock, air-guitar style. See the final product in the January 09 issue of Geek Magazine.

Spike VGAs

Queue and I mosied on up to LA on Sunday (12/14) for the Spike Video Game Awards, or VGAs if you're either uber hip or short on time. We ended up sitting with Mike McWhertor [Kotaku, Meatbun] and Scott Spatola [Meatbun]. I approached Mike after I recognized him from his spot on The Bonus Round. Immediately after introducing myself, I mentioned that I took a screenshot of him on the show because I thought he had good hair. Yeah, that's how I started the conversation. Fortunately, he opted to NOT immediately file for a restraining order, and the four of us ended up sitting together, enjoying free drinks and the comedy stylings of Jack Black, all while being powered by Dew and fueled by Burger King. We also managed to get a couple J!NX shirts in all the VIP gift bags (Invaders and Dragon Hat).

Do Need Webshows

There's a couple webshows that we have been diggin' on lately that I thought I'd share.

The Jace Hall Show is in it's second season and is extremely entertaining. It's hosted by Jace Hall, founder and ex-CEO of Monolith Studios, so the show has access to lots of interesting people.

The Legend of Neil was created by Sandeep Parikh (co-star of The Guild). It chronicles the life of Neil, a gas station attendant that gets sucked into the life of Zelda. Kinda like Tron, but with wooden swords and no discs. Really, nothing like Tron, just the "sucked in" part.

6th Grade Humor

As an aside, during the photoshoot above, J!NX Crew member Ponch (seen to the right), was helping out at the shoot with the clothing steamer, making the shirts real smooth-like for Felicia to look stunning in. Now, Ponch lives in LA, but he is from Cleveland originally (as are several of us). By that logic, Ray was/is technically a Cleveland steamer. If you don't get that joke, you're a better person than I am. While I'm on the subject of offending people and 6th grade humor, I would also like to mention that I do the USA Today crossword puzzle daily, and I am still laughing about the clue for 24 down in the 12/18 puzzle. Sorry, you'll have to look that one up.