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Naxx Clear! Sarth+1 dominated!

Naxx Cleared

After an Epic Winter Line launch, the J!NX Crew was ready as ever to jump back into Naxx. We cleared all content up to Malygos, and have plans to take him down after the Holidays. Everyone did a great job this week, and we are making great progress so far. I very am excited to get the 25man team started.

We started on Tuesday with Spider Wing, and missed Arachnophobia by less than a minute. We ended up finishing the Plague Wing within an hour and a half of starting, and despite the 900dps contribution of our lovely PuG, Loatheb has finally achieved Farm Status. Also, grats to the healers for keeping a few epic fail dancers up on Heigan.

Patchwerk was a little more fun this week, as our Hateful Strike's tank decided to leave his DPS gear on after Loatheb. Grobbulus still manages to frequently hand us 4 slimes at once, but never the less died in good stride. We finished up with one shot victories of every boss through Construct and Military Wings. All thing considered, 13 bosses in one night isn't terrible. We would have been much faster had our regular Warlock neglected his RL obligations, but all in all a good run.

Wednesday night was all about the A team. We started up with a decisive victory over Sapph, downing him after only 3 tries. Thanks to everyone on the team for gathering our own little Winter Line in prep for the fight. Sapph may have been trivialized by bringing 3 healers, but onward we march towards Kel'Thuzad. Much to our surprise, Kel was far easier than Sapph. We actually needed Swampy to return back to shadow after one of our healers actually passed out from boredom. Grats to everyone on a J!NX first Naxx clear.

Sartharion + 1 Drake

After a couple great victories, we simply could not even try to stop the momentum we had going. We marched towards Sarth to see what kind of trouble we could get into. Our intention was to play it easy mode and kill Sarth + Vesperon. Spot on planning by the leadership (ahem) left us battling Shadron and his lovely +100% fire dmg debuff. All in a nights work, the A team pulled it together and dominated this clown with plenty of mana to keep going. I really love this encounter in its entirety. It reminds me of the good ol' days in Dire Maul North, gaining incentive for adding difficulty. I guess that would be the polar opposite thought, as DM was just much easier with mats for the Tribute. Either way, I am stoked to give it a shot with a few more drakes up.

Every week things just get better. We have a full J!NX 10man team that is ripping through the current content. We finally picked up a Forum to serve as host for our needs, but she still needs some work in the graphics department. Stay tuned for updates on that side. In regaurds to the stories of our progress, I will maintain my blog focus here, so you will still get the premium recap. Feel free to stop by our Forums for screenshots or just to say hello.

We are planning our first 25man run on January 6th. If you would like to apply, there is still time! Jump over to our Recruitment Forum for more information. We have gotten great response from everyone so far, and are still looking for a few more Healers and Ranged DPS to fill out our team. Shaman and Mages are probably our highest need at the moment. It is in that light that I call up on you, our trusted minions to aide us in our quest to find quality raiders. I have drafted a recruitment post on the official Guild Recruitment - Horde WoW Forum. I would love it if you would head over there from time to time and give us an old fashioned bump.

On behalf of the J!NX raid team, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday. Thanks for checking in on us, we have had fantastic feedback so far and I love reading all of your comments. Be sure to keep checking in on us every week or two where you can find more lavish tales of our raiding progress.




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