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The Tao of Kaybi

I’ve come to realize that I enjoy debuting new and exciting features into the repertoire as often as possible to keep things fresh. This week brings you the beginning of ‘The Tao of Kaybi’, a retrospective detailing her photographic stylings. Her work transcends the exceptional and captures the essence of the J!NX lifestyle. Join with me now as we follow her down the path towards enlightenment.

Kaybi’s most recent installment could be her best to date, brilliantly depicting the heart and soul of the true gamer. I had been thinking there was a need to create an entry in this blog showcasing Kaybi’s talents and when I set my eyes upon this masterpiece the deal was closed. She has 6 arms people. I need 6 arms to game, don’t you?

It’s not often enough that the warlock has the chance to kick it at home rolling posse deep. Pwning noobs, slaughtering naga or collecting those field repair parts leaves little time to relax. The life of a demon is demanding. When the warlock is not dominating their time here in this world there are things to be done back on their home plane of existence. It’s nice to be able to sit back, relax, and watch a movie with the crew for a change.

I think the beauty of this next photo is that we are given a glimpse of the inner Kaybi. The shields come down in this collage of sci-fi geek paraphernalia. Most of the time we are intimidated because she is so cool. When we look at this pic we think to ourselves ‘Wait a minute. I have that same robot action figure from Lost in Space. I too love Star Wars and I want my very own model of Darth Vader’s Twin Ion Engine fighter. If I had a star trek coffee mug I would use it every morning. She’s cool and we have all this stuff in common. Maybe I’m cool too!’ Danger Will Robinson.

The bottom line here is that Kaybi doesn’t just stand in front of a mirror with a smirky grin and snap another myspace pic. She gets into it. And when giant robots attack the city she Ruuuuuns!!!!

Some of these next pics you may recognize from past Pic of the Week winners.

The Ambush: Pic of the Week 8/21/2008

This was the cream of the crop and winner of the Infidelity Award from the Jinx Pix Month End Freedom Festival back in September 2008.

You can bet there will be another edition of ‘The Tao of Kaybi’ in the coming months. I will see everyone next week and have a wonderful holiday.




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