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As some of you may know, we've been shooting some candid video around the office for the last couple months. There has been far too much uncaptured, offensive absurdity in the past years, and we decided it is high-time we shared. This particular video isn't offensive, though, sorry to disappoint. We just wanted to brag about all our toys, some of which would probably have some resale value if they weren't half-broken from overuse. I think it's safe to say we're not the kind of collectors that keep stuff in the packaging.

On the game front, I've got a few games I'd like to briefly talk about. There are a million places to read game reviews, so in an effort to save precious interwebs bandwidth, I'll be terse. Also, not all of these games are new, so deal. Also again, as a hobbyist game developer, I can appreciate all the hard work that goes into games, and it's virtually impossible to please gamers anymore.

Tabula Rasa
Lord British is my hero, so while this review may be biased, it remains true. We had a blast playing this game as a group, with the instancing being the highlight. Solo play is somewhat grindy, just like every MMO out there, including WoW. After a few hours of collecting 8 bat testicles and killing 10 woodland critters (that did nothing to deserve it), I'm usually eyeing up a sharp knife and contemplating painful self-mutilation as a more attractive alternative. However, it's a unique game that addresses many of the annoying MMO grind issues. For example, you don't have to "rest", you start with a sprinting skill, etc. I recommend it for those of you that want a change, or if you have Lord British shrines in your house with an ever-growing Richard Garriot hair-doll, which I definitely do not have because that would be weird. Yeah, that would be weird. If you don't think it's weird, which you probably do, let me know secretly.

This game got gang-banged by the reviewers, and although a bit harsh, they were pretty spot-on. The designers had a killer idea, and on paper it was probably their Mona Lisa, but a few small coding problems made it frustrating. Specifically, your minions have the AI of a retarded, capsized beetle. After even a few hours, I found myself speculating on the feasibility of reaching my hand through my TV and castrating my demons. For those of you wondering, this is not possible, and I've got 3 broken fingers to prove that. Worth a rent, though, and I'm looking forward to Overlord 2.

Hellgate: London
If you loved/love Diablo, you'll love this game. They've been patching up the multiplayer holes and upgrading the clunky UI, so it keeps getting better. With Bill Roper, the man that brought us Diablo, and many of the original Diablo crew behind it, it had to be good. My only complaint (what kind of geek would I be if I didn't criticize everything?) is that the documentation contains very little about game mechanics, which leaves a forum chock-full of users speculating on what skills probably do. I'm a theorycrafter. I need to know exactly how good that MegaShocker is compared to the ManHandler PowerFist XL with 3 mods I am currently wielding with unbridled fury.

Heavenly Sword
Great game. It's similar to Ninja Gaiden, definitely worth your time. Lots of cut scenes, so you can also get some laundry done.

Blue Dragon
It's like Final Fantasy if they hired the guys from The Wiggles to write the story. Your main character, a little kid, keeps yelling, "I'll never give up!" in an effort to teach me something. Don't give me life lessons; you're 8 years old. In fact, I specifically give up all the time now just to prove to myself and the little snot in the game that I didn't learn anything. I started by giving up on Blue Dragon.




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