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Sweet 'Stache Competition - Week 2

The Sweet 'Stache competition wages on, and contestants are starting to carve them in. We had an EPIC FAIL on day 3 when Giant shaved of his happiness with nary a peep. It always hurts to lose a moustache in the family, but we trudge on.

The reactions people have to moustaches, especially in 2009, are priceless. We're looking forward to next week when we roll to lunch eleven moustaches deep. Although the 'stache is only inches away from your eyes, it's always apparent when someone is sizing it up. The expression is always the same, "Is he serious?"

On the flip side, I've noticed especially nice treatment from gentlemen wearing weatherworn moustache that have clearly been around for 2+ years. There is an unspoken sense of approval, of belonging, from the veterans. Although we are but neos in this furry lifestyle, a bigger world has suddenly opened up to us, bursting with new opportunities to act in pornos, coach gym classes or even commit dastardly deeds.

As I mentioned in my last post, don't be left out, you are all invited to join us unofficially. We will link photos of worthy competitors in our dedicated 'stache blog [link TBD].