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J!NX Fortress Warming Party

On January 16th, we invited family, friends and some of the other companies that we work with to the J!NX Fortress Office Warming Party to ingest spiced meats and flagons of mead. Here are some of the highlights:

The night started here with many of us, quaffing down electrolytes (with additives) to help us transition from a day of hard work into an epic evening of mingling and conspiring. We did ask the caterer to give us a bartender with a moustache, but this man clearly does not have one. They still provided some tasty food and a display that made us look fancy.

By 6pm, the event was in full swing. Much of the party was held in a section of the warehouse that was curtained off and lit for ambience. piped out Jinx's Awesomely Cool Mix as drinks were sipped and intriguing conversations were had.

We painted a huge TV on the warehouse wall earlier that week, and at 7pm, we projected into it a short history of J!NX that Pintress created. I heard one party attendee comment that, "it must have cost us a fortune for an LCD that big." Projectors FTW!

You can watch the video here.

At 8pm, Lost Upstairs took the stage and played a great set. Tron and Merlin, two of our Sweet Stache competitors, rocked out with equipment not made from plastic. They both achieved Star Power.

The night was rounded out with Pong in the Great Hall, Rock Band in the Inspiration Room (thanx to Dave B for naming our game room) and 175 of our closest friends, making for a monumental evening.

An Aside - The Spam War

I've got Outlook trained better than Cerberus. With only 17 inbox rules, I can pare down Spam (and not the delicious, hammy kind, mind you) to only 30 a day. I'm proud of that. It's me against some dick kingpin spammer in a Hawaiian shirt lounging on an island somewhere. I am determined to thwart his best junk mailing efforts. However, every once in a while, Dooshy McDoogle gets me. Sometimes the subject is just perfectly crafted. For example, "Server issues" would probably get me, a problem that would cause me some grief if it was ignored due to my own private battles. As I ever-so-gently double-click the virtual time bomb, I can feel a grimace wash over my face and my butt cheeks clench firmly together in nervous anticipation. Yup, bam. He got me. And, a little bell shaped like a vulture rings somewhere in the Cayman Islands, and a dick in a Hawaiian shirt sitting in a 105 degree office just made 5 cents off me.