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Vote for the Stache!

First, and foremost, I would like to direct all of you to vote for the winner of the J!NX Sweet Stache Competition. Most of us released them back into the wild once the month of January ended, but the spirit of the stache lives on. Voting ends on Monday, February 9th, 2009.

Take me to the Sweet Stache Competition

Life of a Zombie

Unless your ISP sucks and you haven't had interwebz since January 18th, you have probably read about this in the news. I think it was done in poor taste, personally. Why? Well, put yourself in the shoes of the marauding zombies. They are already crippled by sub-sleestak speed. Their intelligence severely hampers their ability to strike effectively. And now, the city of Austin has posted signs making their lives even harder by warning on-coming traffic of the imminent dangers that lie ahead. We're taking donations in the form of large brains for the Austin Zombies to get them through this hard time. Not really though. Please don't send in your brain.

Unicorns are Feral

Sometime around the release of our Big Game Hunter shirt, J!NX Crew omniscient entity Oracle linked me to this awesome toy. I just wanted to share. Link is safe for work, but toy is not safe for mimes.