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Voting Open on Rock Banned Tweakfest

Vote on all of the Tweakfest submissions and earn 50 J!NX EXP!

Nobody can destroy the metal, but these tweaks will easily destroy your boredom. Vote now on the Rock Banned contest!

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Accepting Submissions: 28K Tweakfaster!

Zombies are chasing you! Only 28 metric kilometers to the nearest safe house... can you make it? Do you have the endurance to survive? The J!NX Crew needs some exercise, so see if you can give them a little undead motivation to raise their heart rate a little. Or, reduce their heart rate and put them in pursuit of some tasty little noggin-snacks. Your choice, but remember to keep the 28Ks Later T-Shirt clearly visible at all times. Otherwise, how will the zombies know when to stop chasing? Hmmmm???

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