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Colors, Cuts and Design

Colors, Cuts & Design

Every shirt we create involves primarily three decisions: shirt color, shirt style (aka cut) and a sup9r l33tzzorz design. Notice I used numbers there in place of letters to indicate extreme radness. Our members are a diverse potpourri of body types and style preferences. While we consider the diversity of said members a positive thing, it does indeed make these three decisions quite difficult.

1st rule of J!NX: There is no one particular shirt that everyone likes. Exception: The Cake is a Lie T-shirt. Everyone likes that shirt. Your dog likes that shirt. Your grandma's friend Bea likes that shirt.

I have my preferences, which unfortunately may not be the majority opinion, and it definitely bleeds quite a bit into what we do. For example, if a shirt comes out on a light blue shirt, it's probably because I was QQ'ing about wanting another light blue shirt. I also wear a lot of black though. I mean c'mon, I'm not a communist.

In the end, we can only design what we love, stuff that we want to wear. Then, we cross our fingers and hope that it will resonate with the people holding a little bit of that hard-earned, female deer.

Optimus Pong

Our 3rd in-fortress Pong tourney just came to a close, and I just had to throw up some pics of the trophy that Oracle created. You cannot tell from these images, but simply holding it grants you superpowers. It stands just over 19" tall and weighs in at about two awesomesauce LBs.

Randomz Interweb

Last week's Tweakfest round-up glog didn't really lend itself to interwebz de randomz. Please enjoy:

Most Disturbing Animals - The description on the snake is my personal favorite. Read on for part 2, and if you're not squeamish, hit up part 3.

Fast Undressing Guy - I'm not sure what prompts you to get good at this.

Griefers Win - This story rivals even the story from January '08. The social intricacies of EVE are mind-bending. They bend my mind.