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Young Overlord for the Day

Young Overlord for the Day

On February 18th, a 12 year old dude by the name of Clay joined us at the J!NX Fortress to be transformed into our very first Young Overlord for a day. The following morning, I sat down to write about what the experience meant to us. However, Clay's mom Karen beat me to the punch with her own personal blog. Her perspective really captures what went down here better than mine can. Enjoy!

Young Overlord for the Day at JINX!
-Words by Karen Wood

It all started with a newspaper article in our local paper. Clay and I were lounging on the couch, reading the paper, when I noticed, on the front of the Business section, an article about a couple of guys who started a company years ago out of their garage and grew that business into a thriving company today. The company, JINX, started as a dream of a couple of gaming-geek college buddies. I turned to Clay and said: "Clay, these guys are just like YOU! They love to play computer and video games . . . they are artists, who love drawing, and they are passionate about what they do!" Clay read the article and, feeling very inspired, cut it out and posted it on his bullitin board, right above his desk. Seeing the inspiration Clay got from reading about these guys, I decided to e-mail the owners of the company to let them know the impact they had on Clay . . . Sean (standing on the left of Clay) was so gracious and kind. He, with his partner, Tim (standing on the right of Clay), graciously invited Clay to come to JINX for the day and be the Young Overlord! (Sean's title is Creative Overlord ... Tim's is Banker ... check out their website ... . . . it's a hoot!)

Clay got to learn all of the in's and out's of the business. From an original idea through to implementation, how the t-shirts, hats, stickers, key chains, buttons, patches, etc... are created, printed, sold, how the website is designed, the financial and creative side of things. Clay especially enjoyed getting to talk with Borador (Miguel) and Brolo (Scott) about the creative side of both the art design and the website design. He also was on the edge of his seat while Tim shared all about the financial side of things! :) [Note from Jinx: Yes, we made him learn about finance too. Queue is a math geek.] What a fantastic bunch of people at JINX, to say the least!!!

Clay even got to play a little Rock Band with the guys in the game room! Yes, being in the gaming-geek culture does require them to actually play games . . . Apparently, they are monsters on World of Warcraft (a game that Clay would love to spend endless hours playing, but Mom won't let him take that much time away from studies and sax/guitar practicing!) Oh, and I have to brag, Clay got the best percentage on the Rock Band session(but, he's making me confess that he was on Medium level).

At the end of the day, the Young Overlord was tasked with making a major decision for JINX. The company is placing an add in Geek Magazine and it was up to Clay to choose the add. He thought long an hard and finally chose . . . Comp 3 (which, by the way, was the Creative Overlord's favorite too!).

Last, but definitely not least, Sean and Tim, and the entire JINX Crew presented Clay with one of their favorite designs, framed and signed by everyone at JINX!!! He had me hang it up right next to his bedroom door . . . the first thing he sees when going in and the last thing he sees going out.

The experience of a lifetime given to a kid by a couple of geeks who have so much passion that they can't help but pass it on to the next generation. The best part of having a "passion" is definitely in the "pass"!

I can't wait until the day that Clay is in the position to do something like this for someone else . . . One thing is for sure, having been on the receiving end of a great pass, he definitely will have the passion to pass it on . . . I know that I do! Now, if only I could get a job at JINX!!! I may be a mother of four, in her mid-forty's . . . but I can play a mean Rock Band guitar too!!! ;-)

Those of you who know Clay, know that he isn't exactly the most talkative kid around. After an awesome day at JINX, he came home, hung up his JINX art on his wall, sat down at his desk and put his hand to paper and . . . an hour, or so, later . . . I think this drawing definitely says more than words could ever say!!!


-Karen Wood

When I was 12, I was looking up to companies like Dragon Magazine and people such as Lord British. To be on the receiving end of a letter written to us to let us know that we were able to influence someone in a positive way was pretty amazing and is something that I will never forget.