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J!NX IDentity - Spring '09

We launched our J!NX Spring '09 seasonal line today (now called J!NX IDentity). It's always a great time at the Fortress when we release a slew of new creations into the world, to be either loved by the masses or crushed to a pulp. We hope many will sore high into the wispy clouds, basking in the glorious sun, showered with a fanfare of approving nods and purchases. Sadly, others may clip a wing on the way out, reaching only moderate heights, leaving themselves susceptible to behing peppered with the occasional meh. Either way, we have poured ourselves into these designs and it feels good to finally see them go live.

As mentioned above, we have actually named our seasonal clothing line: J!NX IDentity. The clothing that we design here is an outward expression of who we are, and the lifestyle we live, so the word IDentity came naturally. We did, however, have a lengthy brainstorming session, exploring the twisted minds that were present and resulting in some unique and unusual suggestions.

The following list gives some background on where these designs stemmed from, and the inspirations that prompted us to make them.


Borador focused on the concept of individuality and designed this creation around being your own, unique person. We really feel like that sentiment comes across here, while consciously avoiding the perils of isolation.


This design clearly focuses on the word Resonate, which can mean something different to everyone. We interpret it to mean making a difference and to have a voice in what's going on around you. The back print (follow link) says, "Now is the time". Go ahead and resonate on that for a moment.


You're at a roller-skating party and the DJ just queued up Electric Avenue for an All-Skate. Might as well get out there since someone has been hogging the Elevator Action game all night. Meanwhile, your buddies are snapping, popping, and throwing down some tornadoes with the other breakdancers in the center of the rink. Moustachio created this design but cannot skate backwards.

J!NX Attax

Moustachio was inspired here by 60's comic book art. Legends from Entertaining Comics such as Frank Frazetta and Wally Wood blazed a trail that is timeless. The whole world cringes in fear as J!NX descends, intent on world domination.


You won't typically see (most of) us using cheat codes on our first run through a game. We're not straight-to-cheat-code types. However, the classics are worth mentioning and are pretty memorable. We included what we felt were some of the most popular (useful). Designed by Borador.


It's hard not to feel nostalgic about the 8-bit stand-up cabinets games that our roots burrow deep inside. I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but I love quarters, still. A quarter will forever mean "video game" to me and inspire that same elation that I felt with every plunk. Borador just kinda went rogue one day and created this unplanned design.

It's Alive!

It's Alive was drawn based on the concept of a sci-fi inception of J!NX. There is an obvious 80's vibe scintillating here in Moustachio's bold color choices used. We've also worked power and electricity into a lot of our work. Electricity seems to course through us more than blood these days.

Puppet Minion

Despite what you might think, no drugs were involved in the creation of this design. Artist Giant's original ideas spawned from Fantasia, but somehow, here is where he ended up. Who doesn't love giant J!NX puppets that beset a reign of terror over small villagers?

Rising Sun

We have dwelt in the ninja/Japan/combat cave more than once here, and it's a topic that has always fascinated Borador. This design combines the armor model of the samurai warrior with some elements of a combat video game.

Mod Shop

In this design, Giant attempts to capture what he feels is the essence of the mod'ing community: speed, raw power, and innovation.


Yet another design steeped in fantasy, an extremely common theme here due to our backgrounds and interests. The glow on the J!NX letters in the center, reflecting off the summoners, came later and really added a nice touch to the art. Moustachio eagerly laid claim to this concept once we started on the Spring '09 line.


Giant has always loved toys. He has collected more of them than anyone else at the Fortress; New, vintage, and we think he may have acquired some from the future. He's also fascinated by the perception of talking, moving robots when they first hit the sci-fi scene. This particular toy does not actually exist. Yet.

As always, we welcome your feedback. Please let us know what you think by posting your "Love it!" and "Meh." comments.