Community Pic of the Week

Wacky Data

I’ve always liked this J!NX Fresh Data design. It reminds me of the old Topps Wacky Packages. I’m not sure I truly understand what it is about stickers in general that are so cool. Throw a dried out unwrapped flavorless stick of gum covered with white alien gum powder into a pack of stickers with mildly humorous graphix and I was a happy kid. So, naturally, this design brings back all those fond childhood memories.

Let’s move on to the Pic. Rhyannon does an excellent job featuring the Fresh Data design in the background. The photo is simple and clean. And, I’m sure you all join me in wondering what exactly is so interesting just of to her right. Grats to Rhyannon. Be sure to check out her other submissions, they are all of the finest quality.


Photo by: Rhyannon



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