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Stuff to Get Into

I closed Minesweeper and took a walk today around the office to see what the rest of the J!NX crew was doing in their "I'm pretending to work" time right before they leave. Here's a few things we have been spending our time doing, reading, or obsessing about:

[Jinx] USB FM Transmitter + Slacker - Everyone here at the office is sick of me prattling on about Slacker, but its simply the best Internet radio option available IMO. Then, pick up one of these USB FM transmitters off of eBay, get a cheapie shower radio, and listen to your favorite tunes whilst you clean your dirty, dirty body.

[Jinx] Kongregate - As an indy game developer, this Flash gaming site is a healthy distraction from getting things done. My current Flash game project, which will remain undisclosed, is being developed with Borador. It should be up on Kongregate within a month or two.

[Jinx] Geek Magazine - It's like Wired magazine on crack without the rocket-powered enema of advertising. I can't stand Wired, personally.

[Nooch] The Marriage of Peter and Mary Jane Parker is dissolved! - With one of the most controversial retcons in all of comic book history, the higher-ups at Marvel Comics decided that they could tell better Spider-Man stories with an unattached Peter Parker. We have to find out if that truly is the case, but fanboys worldwide are in an uproar as to what now belongs in the Spider-Man canon. Confused? So are we.

[Brolo] Giant Robot Models! - If you have a passion for building, and a passion for science fiction, then you'll have a blast putting together Gundam Model Kits. There are literally thousands to choose from, and they are very easy to assemble (no glue or paint required!) I'm addicted to these things even though I know almost nothing about Gundam cartoons or manga. XD

[Merlin & Tron] We've actually been favoring *gasp* real instruments over plastic ones lately. In November of last year, we formed Somewhat Static and have just started playing out some gigs.

[Skydog] Ever wonder how or why witches become evil? Gregory Maguire's book "Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West" attempts to solve the mystery by exploring her life from birth. Her real name is Elphaba and she was unwanted by her parents due to her green skin tone. The book is much darker and adult then L. Frank Baum's "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz". If you like fantasies with philosophical undertones then check it out.

[Superfly] Computers that don't suck, those are always good. While Macs are known for their sleek attributes, high quality performance, and hardly being virus prone at all; they now have something else to add to the list: The Macbook Air also known as "The World’s Thinnest Notebook". This delightful machine is marked at a surprisingly low price, for its technology that is, and is now available to the public [woot!] It seems that a lot has changed in the computer market in just a few short years. I think we're entering a time where PCs and Macs might finally be neck and neck, it'll be interesting what the geek buying power of the world has to say in the near future.

[Windminstral] Chaos Tower - Jinx got me this uber toy for x-mas. At first glance I was like, man this looks really cool. When I opened the box and saw the instructions in French, I thought to myself, this foe is beyond me. A week later, help from my nephew, and hours of tweaking, I got this puppy running full steam. It is hands down the coolest toy I've had since I was a kid. The configurations you can do are endless. Check out this video of the wide version of the tower (not mine).

[Borador] This weekend I finally hooked up the Hi Def component cables for my PS3. The clarity is amazing. It is so crisp and clear I can see the DNA makings of the AI’s blood as it splatters against the wall. It’s been about a month since I purchased the PS3 and it has yet to shut down like other platforms I here about. Cough (360) cough. Online play is easy to use and free, unlike that other system. With the recent price drop, now is the time to get the PS3 since we all know you only got that other system because the price was cheaper. You get what you pay for.

[Pintress] Dragons, you say? Yes, I know it’s a children's book series, but I LOVE Harry Potter. I've read them all and now I'm reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It really dark and spooky, it’s got dragons and wizards and MAGIC, what more could a girl want? In the movie arena, I'm eagerly anticipating a flick based on a cartoon show that was around when the dinosaurs were: Speed Racer! Can you believe it? I'm so excited!!

[Ace] - So, what is the fastest growing sport among 18-25 yr olds? Disc Golf, of course. The rules are simple. You throw a disc (which is like a Frisbee designed to float long distances) and attempt to land it in a chain basket anywhere from 300 to 1200 feet away. The geek in me was immediately attracted to the physics behind hurling a spinning circle through the tumultuous winds in blatant defiance of gravity. Wanna check it out? Visit and throw your Zip Code into the course locator. Chances are you'll find a course closer than you think. Happy discing.

So, there you have it, a few things to check out instead of working/studying/suckling (verbs written in descending order of your age).