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I want my turn.

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Watching Someone Play Games

Let's go back in time. I am eight years old, playing Zaxxon with my best friend. I stand by, impatiently awaiting my turn. As he expertly manipulates the massive ColecoVision super-controller, one singular thought echoes through my head in the raspy voice of some ancient demon: "C'mon, you bastard... Die! Die! Die!" Now, this is a guy I would consider to be my closest friend, my pal for life, and yet I wanted nothing more than to see his little spaceship nosedive into a fantastic explosion of death and agony. Do I feel guilt? Nay, my friends, for my intentions are pure: I want my turn. Please die.

If there is one thing that video games have taught us, it is that it sucks watching other people play video games.

Countless pro-gaming leagues have spawned over the years, several of which quickly DE-spawned. Why? Because it's just not fun to watch other people play video games. No amount of multicolored lighting gels, funky camera angles or over-zealous amateur announcers will make it exciting to watch four people playing Halo. I want the controller! Maybe someone will crack the formula someday, and Sunday afternoons will find people sitting in front of the TV, sipping on cool Coors 16-ouncers and watching pro-gaming instead of pro-football.

With that said, there is one TV show that has made it fun to watch a modest amount of gaming: WCG Ultimate Gamer. Now, I'll be the first to admit that I thought this show was going to be full of epic fail, but I am pleased to report that I found it to be quite entertaining. Live gaming only makes up a fraction of the show, and they whittled it down to just the right amount. I enjoyed getting to know the players, so that when they eventually did play, I actually cared about who won. They also typically pare down the matches to snippets and highlights. As of writing this, the 1st season is over and I don't know if the show was picked up for a second season. I really hope they are.

And now for something completely different: Slap Chop!


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