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A Moon Named "The Moon"

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A Moon Named "The Moon"

Our moon doesn't have a proper name, it's just called "The Moon". I'm not sure if that's egocentric or just completely lacking creativity. Think of Saturn's moons, with their names like Titan, Pandora, Calypso, and even Mimas (nicknamed "The Death Star Moon"). How cool is that?! Now, contrast that with how very UNcool our Moon's lack of a name is.

I thought I was being rather clever when I realized this, until Google showed me that I wasn't alone in my cynicism. Turns out that 21,400,000 other really, really clever people searched on "What is earth's moon's name?" I am currently in contact with Google to see if I can get their names and emails, perhaps to form an international think-tank.

Good news: We can change the Moon's name, friends. I've been working on a new name for three weeks and it's finally ready: Galtraxx the Devourer. Yup, I just renamed our moon and there is no need to thank me. Since it is on the Interweb now, that makes it true. As challenging as it may be, please try to work that now-official factoid into a sentence today. And everyone better get on board with this, or Galtraxx will make you pay.

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