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The Old God of Death

Alas, two weeks have passed and we are well overdue for an update. Fear not my loyal minions... General Vezax has been slain, and many times over by this point. We pulled off our kill just over two weeks ago and despite our excitement, we found ourselves immediately focused on Yogg-Saron. As of now, there are only two guilds on our server with a Yogg kill, we are still hot on their coattails for that 3rd place finish.

General Vezax

The Vezax fight is quite the marathon for mana users across the board. The fun kicks off with a fine mechanic that prevents any form of mana regen for casters, a cooldown rotation on the MT (God I love DK's), a constant string of melee interrupts, and a brutal life leech from hell. Last night we actually took him down to 6% on our first attempt, so I think we are beginning to demonstrate a solid understanding of the encounter. Here is a shot from our first kill, weeks overdue.

The Old God of Death, Yogg-Saron

As of late we have found ourselves unable to focus on much beyond the ever-encompassing strategies guiding us through each of the 3 mind bending phases in this encounter. In total, we have only amassed 2 good nights of work on Yogg. As far as progress goes, we are surviving through phase 1, but quickly unraveling early on through phase 2. This fight makes Sarth 3D look like childsplay, and despite our own setbacks I really appreciate the difficulty.

The encounter in its entirety is finally what a veteran raider comes to expect from the end boss of a dungeon. There is really no room for error during any part of the ~13minutes involved in the encounter, and typically a mistake or two means wipe it up and try again.

Our biggest challenge at the moment is simply making time to work on it. On a 2-3 day raid schedule, we really need to have an epic Tuesday night if we want to spend any good amount of time on Yogg. This week was a fine example of how it should be done, as we killed everything but Iron Council, General Vezax and Yogg on our first night. Night two we resumed at Iron Council and General Vezax making good time, which gave us a few good hours on Yogg. We managed to clean up most of our phase 1 problems from last week, however phase 2 is still messy and we have yet to experience phase 3 in all of its glory.

We will assemble once again Sunday night, with high hopes for working on phase 2 and getting our Portal Group on the road to victory. This fight may very well take a respectable amount of time to work out the intricacies, so I will do my best to give you plenty more screencaps to help document the journey. I'll have another update for you next week.

Until then :)