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Brolo took a few moments last night to send me what is perhaps the best link I've seen all month. First off, if you haven't spent 79 incredibly awkward and enjoyable minutes watching the King of Kong documentary, please do so, post-haste. Here is a film that gently tips over the retro video game cow that grazes in a distant field, far away from the other cows, and exposes it's soft, white underbelly to the world.

In watching King of Kong, you will learn of Twin Galaxies, the official governing body in the area of video game high scores. It is here that Brolo unearthed such a rare Interwebs gem. Without further ado, I give you the Twin Galaxies Superstar Players merchandise.

Now, even on it's own, this page rocked my socks off my body and through the wall below my computer desk (I found the remains of them on the front lawn, just a smoldering pile of rocked cotton). However, the best product here, the proverbial dog's bucket of all products, is the Gregory Erway Women's Tracksuit. This product is for women who want to express their love for Gregory Erway, world champion in arcade Tapper, while they workout.

Ok, so I'm not knocking these dudes. Playing the same game for 20 years isn't my cup of tea, I get bored playing 60% of the games out there in roughly 2 hours. And for the record, I chose Gregory arbitrarily. This post applies to any person that puts their face on any article of clothing. Even if you put Brad Pitt on that track suit, you aren't gonna see any (sane) women buying it. Shit, Gregory Erway's mom [probably] wouldn't wear that thing. By the way, a close second for this rant was this product. I can say with 99% certainty that there has be exactly one sale to date on this item, and we can all guess who it was. Hint: It rhymes with "Gregory Erway".


What I'm listening to: Vampire Weekend

Not sure exactly how to describe them. It's happy music. And I feel smart when I listen to them because they sing about things like Oxford Comma's.