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J!NX Gold/Exp, Huge Sale, and more

Ah... where, oh where, to begin! Let's start with J!NX Gold and Experience Points, the best thing to hit this website since launch! In a nutshell, you earn J!NX Gold for buying stuff, referring customers, and sending in photos. You earn J!NX Experience Points for getting involved with what we're doing (ie. taking our weekly polls, scoring 4+ points in weekly trivia, posting feedback, etc). Make gold and level up. Those two things are like the twin holy grails of geeks/gamers. We will constantly be adding new ways to earn Gold and EXP. Read More...

To commemorate such a huge addition to J!NX, we've launched a Mega-Uber Sale. For only 3 days, ending March 28th (Friday) at midnight EST, we're offering $5 off ALL T-Shirts and $10 OFF ALL Sweatshirts. We've literally never done a sale this sick, and frankly, we're just hoping we have stock to keep up, so don't wait until Friday night at 11:45pm EST to pick up your newest "favorite shirt you own".

Finally, you may notice this page is completely new. Good eye, it is. Internally, we have been calling this page The Tavern for a while now, and decided to make it official. This page will be quite a bit more volatile than our last page, so come back for daily updates.