Community Pic of the Week

A Pirate's Parrot

As they head into unstable waters their fearless captain spellcaster hoists the Jolly Roger, hoping to instill fear in potential victims before they even board their ships. It hasn’t been long since they left the last tropical island looking to restock a precious parrot cargo to sell off the next time they dock in a major town. These seafarers are no strangers to the islands or their exotic fauna. This is obviously displayed in a rare photo of captian spellcaster. The majestically colored crest of feathers on his parrot is awe inspiring. And, nothing but the best in pirate brand scotch tape to hold it in place. Arrr!

I hope to see as many J!NX minions as possible Saturday at the photo shoot party. It’s going to be a great weekend…


Photo by: spellcaster



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