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Antiquities and Nostalgia

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Antiquities and Nostalgia

I love to stretch my nostalgic talons back through some of the more ancient pathways of my memory. Early role-playing games, PC games, influential movies, corroded comics, the things that provided me with unparalleled enjoyment, they regularly beckon to be rediscovered. However, my clutching hands don't always pull back the polished, glittering gems that I remember. I have learned that some things are indeed not timeless and are best left in your memory, preserved in a top-lit, glass museum case to be observed from a distance.

What is it that makes geeks so nostalgic? I attribute it to the passion with which we attack our interests. I didn't just play Bard's Tale on my Commodore 64, I devoured it. I consumed it like an overripe pear, with vicious skeletons, complex catacombs, and gaming innovation dripping off my chin. I spent hours in my 105 degree bedroom (old PC equipment was not much for cooling), furiously slaying my way to victory, armed with only my wits, a mechanical pencil and a stack of graph paper. I recently downloaded Bard's Tale and took 'er for a spin. Still awesome. Timeless IMO.

But, what happens when your memory deceives you? You've been there. You dig out that old game or cartoon that has earned such an esteemed spot in the upper echelon of your mind, only to now discover that they don't stand the test of time. Should we leave these treasures preserved in our vault of antiquities, or look upon them with high def 2009 cyber-eyes? I don't know which is better, but more often than not my extreme nostalgic nature drives me to re-explore and re-enjoy (and often quickly move on).

I still love my overly complex RPG rule sets, classic PC games, retro comics, vintage cartoons, and beat-up transformers. I think holding on to the physical manifestation of these things keeps the memory more intact, and revisiting them provides them with a nice polish. And I know that in 10 years, I will undoubtedly look back and smile with fondness on my memories of Dead Space, WoW, The Dark Knight, D&D 4.0 and the summer conventions of 2009.

-Jinx [wonders what you are nostalgic about]