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Comic Con 2009 Recap

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Comic Con '09 Highlights

What an epic con. This year we saw some of the best moments in Comiconitude. Here are some of our highlights:

Marvel has officially acquired the rights to Marvelman, so we'll finally get some new material. Perhaps the legal rights battles have actually ended?

The Guild showed us all a music video (check Xbox Live) that blew everyone's mind, thus covering the back wall with brain matter. We also were made privy to the 1st episode of Season 3.

V:The Series. Yup, it's coming. Our friend Jace Hall is the EP, so we know it's going to rock.

The Cosplay gets better every year. I think my personal favorites are the steampunks.

Movies. I know, they're not comics, but show some love. Highlights included Avatar, District 9, Tron, and Cameron Diaz's fairly large spoilers about "The Box".

J!NX Comic Con '09 Party

The J!NX Party was an absolute blast. With so much going on this year at SDCC, the night was sprinkled with geeky banter, broad speculation, and slanderous judgments. Attendees included co-party-throwers the Totally Rad Show and iFanboy crews, also Felicia Day and the entire Guild cast, Veronica Belmont, the Bui Brothers, and 200+ people that love this shit as much as we do.


Thursday Comic Con Dexter Party

I would be remiss not to mention our Thursday night, an evening spent on the roof of the Ivy Hotel with some pretty talented people. We sipped cocktails and traded stories with Lou Ferrigno (the Hulk!), Julie Benz (Dexter, Angel, Buffy), Anthony Zuicker (the man behind CSI), and the infamous Mark Ecko. I'm SURE they are ALL blogging about getting to meet the J!NX guys, so I figured it would be polite if I did the same for them.

-Jinx [is gearing up for DEF CON!!]