Community Pic of the Week

That Ninja Girl

It’s hard to hate, but easy to fear tvashtri as this stealth ninja is ready to pounce al la Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. From this point on, every time there is a full moon I will be checking the rooftops for predators.

You should also check out tvashtri's latest blog project. She decided to wear a different J!NX shirt every day and post a new entry with a picture for 14 days. When I first caught wind of this project I thought to myself, “Self, I should post about tvashtri's ’14 Days of J!NX’ on my blog.” Fortunately for me she also submitted a number of outstanding photos here on J!NX Pix, including the wonderful selection you see here today. It’s also pretty cool that she has 14 different J!NX shirts, which to me translates to only needing to do the laundry once every two weeks. Go Go water conservation!! Okay, now go check out tvashtri's blog and leave her some nice comments...


Photo by: tvashtri



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