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Slayer of Giants

kooz drew his sword as the Colossus raised his enormous hammer and glared down at the tiny morsel of human form below. Dinner is not far off, thought the giant. It has been far too long since the behemoth had tasted human flesh. kooz quickly stepped to the side as the mighty hammer crashed to the ground creating a rumbling earthquake that nearly knocked him off his feet. Maintaining his balance kooz reached for the giant’s belt and swung himself up to perch atop the giant’s broad shoulders. The first thrust of his blade clashed against the giant’s helmet, sending electrified reverberations down kooz’s arm. For a split second he caught a glimpse of a weak spot in the hulks armor and plunged the sword deep into the giant’s neck. With a crash that was heard throughout the kingdoms the giant fell to his knees and a piercing sound of agony released from his lips as he crumbled to the ground and took his last breath. kooz scrambled atop his enormous prey with sword in hand and victory in his eyes.

Stay tuned for the next adventure of kooz the barbarian, giant slayer and tweaker of mad skillz. Take a moment to also enjoy his recent victory in the Realm of Tweakdom, where he also reigns supreme.


Photo by: kooz



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