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Gotte get me some TWEAKFEST action!

Voting Open on Sushi Tweak!

Vote on all of the Tweakfest submissions and earn 50 J!NX EXP!

The evil will of the demonic CSUSHI is polluting your mind! Resist its tempting pull and let your voice rise above the clamor. Vote for your favorite tweaks and earn 50 EXP!

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Accepting Submissions: Slay the Tweak!

Size doesn't matter, or so they say. It definitely puts a little damper on any plans you might have slaying the next tyrant that comes trying to conquer your lands. Sure, you have a big sword, but that guy's like 8 times your height. No worries, though. This is where all that climbing practice can be put to good use. Just toss that grappling hook over one of those horns on that ridiculous helmet of this, and you have a one-way ticket to stabby eye-ville. Or, you can tell a completely different story! However you decide to play this out, remember to keep the Giant Slayer T-Shirt visible at all times!

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Winner Announced: BattleTweak!

The multi-faceted, multi-talented Corspufo has worked his magic to win your votes this round. Grats!

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