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Talesworth Arena

I've always been somewhat of an indy game developer. At the age of 8, I made my first text adventure about Dragonlance, and I have been banging out code ever since. Today marks a pretty big milestone in my life. I finished one. Finally. One game down. More specifically, we finished one. Borador and I decided to team up, me on game design and coding, him on art and illustration. We began dedicating our free time to the project, and after lots of work with a few breaks for the holidays, behold! Talesworth Arena was born! Talesworth Arena combines elements of fantasy RPGs, puzzles, and arcade games.


Here's the best part... It was posted on Kongregate on Monday, March 31st, and its already up to a 3.72/5 rating and is on the HOMEPAGE as one of the three Hot New Games! Needless to say I'm psyched as hell. Sure, it's not perfect and I'm pushing up revisions fixing a few bugs here and there, but when I think about all the hard work that went into it, I couldn't possibly be happier with the response it has received.

So, when you want to kill a few minutes at work, check it out (and please rate it)!