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On October 30th, just in time for Halloween, zGames launched the latest update to their popular iPhone app, zGhost.

If the picture of the ghost of Charlize Theron below didn’t already give it away, zGhost is an augmented reality application that lets you see ghosts and take pictures of them using the live camera preview of your phone. The camera is sensitive enough to pick up the low-glow of ectoplasm radiated by ghosts, so it doesn’t look like complete crap. It works similar to the night vision setting on video cameras.

Besides being able to give your friends nightmares and fantasize about Charlize Theron, this spooky app contains something sure to catch your eye. As an added ghost cheat code, our friends over at zGhost included an extra-special, J!NXological addition: a J!NX ghost.

To reveal Ghost J!NX, simply enter the cheat code J!NX. Please do so with caution, though. Ghost J!NX is not a friendly man, and is completely unlike Casper. If you so much as look at him the wrong way, he’ll lunge at you and you’ll stool your pants.

So in celebration of Friday the 13th, and my good friend Jack’s 68th birthday, download this tasty new treat and let the defecation begin.


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