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IDentity Holiday '09 Launch

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J!NX IDentity Holiday '09 is here! This line was a blast to make, and as always, shooting it was nothing short of a party. Here's some shots from our photo shoot here at the Fortress:

Our in-house shoots typically draw about 25 people among the J!NX crew, friends and family, and in some cases, members. Seen here, Elianora (far left) made the scene and partook in some of the modeling duties. Also pictured, Lunchbox and Jinx (center and right).

We geeked out a bit in the technical department, something we always add to each shoot. Kevin Calumpit was behind the camera, and as he took shots to his laptop, we projected the images on the back wall so everyone could see the magic that we were capturing.

Swampy (aka DJ Skydog, aka DJ Tanner) was on the scene with his turntables spinning some tasty grooves. We asked him to put his fancy gold headphones on for a photo op, but he denied the request. FYI though, they are cool headphones.

The makeup and accessory department was in full swing, painting our models and providing them with unique hats, scarves and bracelets.

We are particularly excited about launching our custom fleece pieces. We have designed what we deem to be the ultimate zipper sweatshirt. Here's some of the features:
  • Oversized hood to avoid the cone head look.
  • Custom metal zipper pull tag of our friend the J!NX skull
  • Inner-pocket grommet, designed to allow you to thread your headphones cord inside your sweatshirt.
  • Zippered pockets so stuff doesn't fall out.
  • Various subtle yet sharp J!NX branding elements

As always, we'd love to hear what you think. This is our best set of designs to date! And yes, I realize I say that every season, but I always feel that way. I watch with pride as our team continues to push the limits of their abilities, striving to step outside their comfort zone to keep things fresh. The J!NX crew that brought you this line represents an iron brigade of talent. Please enjoy.