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Big Foot, I Mean, Television Spottings

The boob tube has been a generous support of J!NX IDentity in recent weeks, and also a venue frequently attributed to J!NX Spotting.

This comes, specifically, with two success stories.

Story 1

On a recent episode of Attack of the Show, Kevin Pereira was shown sporting a J!NX IDentity Reload Fitted Tee.

The image I’ve crafted below via print screens and Microsoft Paint tells the rest of the story for me.

Thanks to both Kevin and AOTS for representing the Get Into It mantra and repping J!NX in the process.

Story 2

While the existence of this particular success story is with shady implementation our good pal, Chris Pirillo was featured on Good Morning America during coverage of the 2009 Oxford Word of the Year, “Unfriend”. While Chris was shown sporting a J!NX IDentity Retrolicious Fitted Tee, there is a pretty hysterical twist to the whole situation that’s also worth noting.

The hilarious self-produced video Chris put together below explains everything far better than I ever could.

I’ve heard that everything comes with a lesson, so let’s just say the lesson to this is that you can expect to see awesome threads featured on TV every so often.

Hmm. Yeah. That’s actually a pretty terrible lesson, but it’s 2am and I need to wrap this up.


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